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Down Here

It was a routine surveying mission. Everything was going according to plan: the geological team had reported finding plenty of habitable space, the biological team was creating a field guide to the local fauna, and the meteorological outlook was favorable. The last message sent to the homeworld painted a rosy picture of a planet ripe for colonization. The last message FROM the homeworld painted a rosy picture of your team's future: promotions and shore leave all around.

Then something went wrong. A blip on ship's radar, then two more. Others? Here? Impossible. An explosion... burning... decompression... darkness.

Waking up on the surface of a hostile world, you realize you aren't dead. Somehow, you got into your planetsuit and into an escape pod. The pod is ruined, but at least you have a fighting chance. Your nanobattery checks out, and the atmospheric converter looks like it can still hold a charge. You hope to find a few other survivors from the ship--there's safety in numbers. But for now, you're alone. Now you're... Down Here.

Encyclopedia Downhereica

This is the documentation for Down Here. However, since Down Here doesn't exist yet, it's also a place to collect ideas and to design the game.

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